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Does it really make a difference what we do, or how we do it? Are there strict rules and steps to follow? Can we afford to be careless, thoughtless, reckless, and oblivious to the very real consequences of failing to be deliberate in our actions?

Imagine if we lived our lives each day fully aware of the Word of God; ever mindful of the meanings and final results of every action. What if we made up our minds

consciously and deliberately to adhere to every line and precept? What if every move and thought was intentional and purposeful as we seek to please God, learn more

about him, and share his love with others?

Living Wittingly takes us on a journey as we answer the many questions about our walk with God. There is nowhere better than the word of God to discover the tools of

living wittingly, intentionally, and victoriously.

"Bishop Barnett writes to each of us in a manner that seeks to inspire as much as inform people about the continuing power of faith and the ever present opportunity to

make a fresh start in life’s challenging journey between the two mountains of blessings and curses".

"One of the greatest joys in life is the beauty of getting sound wisdom from a reliable source. In a deliberate outline, Bishop Barnett tugs on his years of experience as a

pastor and family man to offer believers fresh insight in following a path of purpose to their destiny. Within this thesis is a diagram for living a victorious life through the

power of God’s Grace.

Relax and begin the journey…


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"Living Wittingly" written by Bishop Dr. Edward Barnett and supported by Cain Hope Felder, Professor of Biblical Studies, Howard University, School of Divinity; and Archbishop Dennis M. Golphin, Th.D. Ph.D.,  The Angelican Orthodox Episcopal Communion.