Adreinne Barnett earned a Bachelor of Science degree in EarlyChildhood Education from Penn State University and a Masters in Special Education Early Childhood from the University of Maryland. Currently in post graduate studies at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, specializing in autism and other pervasive development disorders.

Positions Held: Training & Curriculum Specialist, Member of theSpecial Needs Review Team, Department of Defense-Air Force Child Development program. Licensing Specialist Child Care Administration for the State of Maryland Child Development Associate credentialing.


A higher calling to all parents is to instill wisdom (Bible knowledge), faith in God and demonstrate godly character into their children. Just as Jochebed became a teacher to her children; Moses, Aaron and Miriam, we must become teachers to our children, teaching them by our actions to use wisdom in our decision and actions to stand in faith in God, while being a person of noble character. Deuteronomy 11:19 states that we are to teach the word of God to our children through our daily routines, by what comes from our mouths, hearts and actions.

Parents be Godly Models for Your Children:

Be compassionate in all your ways. What is compassion? A show of love and patience towards others. As Christians, we should have a compassion heart, while showing a willingness to serve all people despite their challenges in their lives. One such challenge is Autism. Autism is a complex developmental disability that appears during the first three years of life and effects a child's ability to communicate and interact with others. It is a spectrum disorder that affects individuals differently. Children do not outgrow autism, but the effects can be lessen as a child receives early intervention services. As many as one out of every 150 children will be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, thus affected as many as 1.5 million families.

What Can We Do As Christians?

Pray for and show compassion to others who are faced with developmental, mental and or physical challenges. Understand that God will not heal, deliver, or move the way we think He should, but He has Power to heal all manner of sicknesses and diseases.

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