Greater Grace Family Ministries Church

Bishop Dr. Edward Barnett is the Founder and Pastor of Greater Grace Family Ministries Church since 1991; after returning from a trip to Africa where the Lord gave him the name and mission for the church.  

Bishop Barnett was born to the late Edward Sr., and Elder Mary H. Brooks-Barnett, in the early sixties in Washington, DC, at D.C. General Hospital.  He attended the D.C. Public Schools system, graduated from Anacostia Sr. High.  In the early eighties, he helped the late Rev. Conrade Brooks, establish the Christian Praise Church in Washington, DC; serving in evangelism and the men’s ministry, and was selected as  Deacon.   In 1982, he was called into the ministry, ordained in 1986.   He served his pastor until the calling to pastorate was evident in 1990. 

He started with the support of his loving wife of 31 years, First Lady, Adreinne H. Barnett, his sons, and three other families. 

After 24 years, the ministry is still flowing in the anointing of the Holy Spirit; bonds are loosed, the oppressed are set free, curses are broken, spiritual maturity is evident in believers, and the spiritual headship is focused and connected to the Divine Godhead to carry out divine purpose.  Bishop has had many souls saved by God, while training many for ministry through the ministry of Greater Grace Family Ministries Church; some went on to be effective in working elsewhere in the kingdom of God as deacons, ministers, pastors, and evangelists.

Bishop has earned a Bachelor's in Business Management, an Advanced Professional Certification in Anger Management, two Masters Degrees in Theology and Professional Counseling. He was ordained as a Bishop by the College of Bishops on January 19, 2013.  He received a Doctorate in Humanity in January 2014.

He still enjoys watching the power of God move in the market places of the world. Currently, he is a Director of Residential Services at Woodley House Inc., overseeing the largest Community Residential Facility Adult Transitional Program in Washington, DC, which involves managing a crisis home, a group home, and a Supported independent Living Program housing over 50 mental health consumers. He has received substance abuse counseling certifications through Catholic Charities, an accredited program.

Bishop Barnett has preached and ministered throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia areas. In 1991, he traveled the Continent of Northeast Africa on a missionary journey. He spent many hours counseling, preaching and teaching the Word of God in Nairobi, Kenya; Sudan, Uganda, and the Rift Valley areas. While in Mombasa, more than 1,000 people gave their lives to Christ in a crusade. In March 2014 he returned to Kenya, Africa where he also visited Uganda and conducted pastoral and leadership training throughout the region, and is overseeing many churches in the Western Keyna, Sudan and Uganda areas.

From the beginning until now, God has brought many in to be trained in leadership and service unto God, with a Kingdom building mindset.  

In April 2015 Bishop published, through Westbow Publishing Company, his first book “LivingWittingly” and in August 2015, produced and is hosting his Radio Show “Help for the Hurting/ Mental Health in the Community” at We Act Radio Station. 

Impressive Biography of Bishop, Dr. Edward Barnett, PhD